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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two will soon be Three!

My dear friend Sonya brought her husband, Troy, and belly to see us yesterday. Here were a few shots. Beautiful glow! I'm very excited to meet her in a few weeks!

("She's kicking right there!")

Third Time's a Charm

This family is so fun and easy to photograph because they are so photogenic! Thanks for coming again to our studio Gord, Tracy, Colleen and newest member Bryce! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

James and Tanya....2008 Wedding!

A couple weeks ago, Tanya's mom contacted me to book us for a wedding next year! I then found out that they lived down the street from us and that James is one of my dear colleague's son! I am so excited for the two of them. They make a very cute couple....and have quite the sense of humor...since the wedding dress is a secret, Tanya proceeded to tell James that it was "white with red polka dots!" What fun we had taking pictures around the community! Congratulations you two!

Second Shoot...

About a month ago, Dean and Stephanie came for photos in the rainy weather! I really wanted to try out some different locations, so I asked Dean and Steph if they would be my test subjects in downtown Abbotsford. Here are a few of the lovely couple... to-be-wed in September! Thanks!

3 weeks to go!

Brent and Elise came to our quaint community for some engagement photos. I thoroughly enjoyed taking photos of this couple...what a great personality match! Congratulations!