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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Engagement: An Adventure Walk in the Park {Abbotsford Wedding Photographer}

We took a little adventure walk at Campbell Valley Park this past week. This couple is getting married in a few weeks on MY birthday (at least I get yummy cake;). They climbed fallen tree logs, walked through fallen reeds in a swamp, bush-wacked through some trees, and jumped off picnic tables to get some great shots. See you in a few weeks!


  1. Melanie7:05 AM

    They turned out awesome! Climbing up those dead trees and romping around in the bush were sooo worth it! Thanks Jeannine.

  2. Fiona8:15 AM


  3. Lynda Juliusson10:46 AM

    I loooove the 3rd photo. It is amazing. (well they all are but especially that one). Did youknow htat you are wearing matching thongs. (lol)