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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little "E"

Wouldn't this look so good in a square frame?


No Nub:

Here is the beautiful baby girl that we photographed in her mom's belly a few weeks ago. We wanted to take pictures with their dog, but he was so excited that he was stepping on the baby. There were a few firsts today--she took a soother and wouldn't let it go (hence alot of the photos) and her belly button nub fell out! p.s. I got the bowl at IKEA of all places. I had been looking and looking for one in the states, but low and behold right in my own backyard!


  1. Wow! 3rd Cutest Baby ever! After mine that is! She looks like she will take the world on with gusto like Mom!

  2. So cute Brooke! I love the pic with all your feet lined up!

  3. Oh my gosh so adorable Brooke and Ryan! The bowl is a fav for me.

  4. Grandma Chris8:30 PM

    Ryan holding Elliana made my eyes water. My God, she sure is beautiful. Love the feet one too !!

  5. Anonymous6:57 AM

    We were lucky to be a part of the day.A beautiful little girl has entered our lives.We are forever changed and forever gratefull to Brooke & Ryan.Its everything we dreamed of and more.granny & grandpa

  6. Wendy & Al10:39 AM

    What a beautiful little girl! The pictures are wonderful, what great memories to have. I share in your parents joy as being a grandparent is the bestest!!

  7. Unkie Herby8:03 PM

    Brooke & Ryan, Tina and I are so excited for the 3 of you. There is nothing sweeter then a Little Girl.
    And Brooke I'll always have change in my pocket for little E too.

  8. Congratulations Brooke and Ryan
    Elliana is absolutely adorable. What beautiful pictures.