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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Neighbourly Friendship

Don't you just love it when your neighbours become good friends? This family moved in when my son was 6 months old--3 years ago. We decided to share a nanny that we had for almost 2 years. Our kids took a liking to each other and now that we don't have her anymore, they ask to hang out together. Also, we decided to get healthy and work out which we try to do at least 3 times a week. Lately, it has slowed down a bit, as this beautiful lady is due in a few weeks to have this baby! I can't be more excited to meet their bundle of joy.

Little Miss Model decided to do a whole photo shoot as well! I couldn't be more thrilled as I only have two boys and so I also got to pick out a few outfits. I picked a few photos, but there were tonnes more!
Each of these frames show sequentially what was happening:

Model Pregnancy!

Doesn't she look great! I was so blessed to have this beautiful friend come for photos last week. She brought some amazing textures to compliment her cute belly. Can't wait to meet your little one in a month!
(She brought along some gerber of my fav flowers too!)

(Love this sweater! Love it more with the brick texture!)

(To show the baby the year she/he was born the Olympics where in Canada...just a little patriotic!)
(Love this in bnw with the texture of the floor)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Headbands Inspired by Etsy

So these headbands... I was on etsy, and thought, "I could make those!" So after a trip to Michael's, a few dollar stores and a lot of hot stringy glue, VOILA--headband props! I hope some of you pregnant women out there have cute little baby girls, so I can try them out!

p.s. You know those friends that even though you haven't seen them in months, it just feels like you see them everyday? The Mommy of these girls is just that kind of friend. Thanks Megs for the lending of the princesses. My boys just wouldn't do these headbands justice!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Newborn Now in the Studio!

If you remember a few days back, I photographed this handsome boy in the hospital. Well, he is now home and adjusting to his family life, including BIG brother. What a cute family! Congratulations!

I love little toes!