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Sunday, May 02, 2010

That 80's Bachelorette Party Shoot {Abbotsford Event Photographer}

{Advice captions Megan style}

{Advice: Always check out the bling!}

{Advice: Pose with reckless abandon.}

{Advice: Laugh until your belly hurts and tears stream down your face.}

{Advice: America's Next Top Model--need I say more?}

{Advice: When all else fails, DANCE!}

{Advice: Pose with your sister, you compliment each other the best.}

{Advice: Walking down a pathway, make sure there are wicked clouds in your photos!}

{Advice: Embrace ominous clouds.}

{Advice: When walking in a field of reeds, watch out for ditches.}

{Advice: When running in field, make sure you hold onto your dress, so body parts don't fly out!}

{Advice: When blowing dandelions, make sure you don't breathe in.}

{Advice: Skip your worries away}

{Advice: If you are getting your photo taken, ROCK IT!}

{Advice: Trains make for amazing photos-just watch out for the wind...}

{Advice: ...also make sure the train cars don't move...}

{Advice: If your friend climbs on top of a train, make sure the crazy lady does not fall off of train car...but take her picture anyway}

{Advice: Make sure models are beautiful;)}

{Advice: Keep your family the closest..they will help you through everything!}

{Thanks for the fun girls! It was a blast. Congrats Emily. You will make a most beautiful bride.}


  1. You're awesome J!!!! Love them!!! Especially the train ones...such a good call!

  2. LOVE these!! Great work :)

  3. Where were these taken? I'm in love with those train cars!!!