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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Old and the "New" Fort Langley

We ventured out into the quaint village of Fort Langley on a rainy Sunday at the beginning of last month. (For those of you who don't know, I-- Jeannine-- grew up there from 3-23 years old before settling in Abbotsford). I wanted to find new spots to take photos and with the new development, I got my wish. This lovely couple and their cute pup are getting married in September. Thanks for being patient with the sneak peek you two! Can't wait for your wedding!


  1. What a good series of photos of a cute couple!

    I especially like the one with the blue siding.

    Congrats you two!

  2. not a bad looking couple :)

  3. shannon3:15 PM

    you look amazing.

  4. Shelly Pasceri3:31 PM

    Excellent pictures!! You make such a cute couple! :)

  5. Great pictures you two, you look so good together.

  6. Great pictures, you two, I agree the blude-siding one is good, but my favourite is the one where you're holding hands from either side of the window.

  7. Analies5:42 PM

    My favorite is the one of you guys sitting at the table with the rose. Too cute!

  8. Anonymous5:08 PM

    My daughter, Cassandra, my handsome-uniting-with-my-daughter-son-in-law, Matthew, and my grandchild, Bella, have many beautiful photographs to share and add to their wedding compilation (that's an awkward word isn't it?) that they will share again and again over the many years to come.

    All the clicked close-ups have wondrous and various expressions of the two kids. You can't help but break into a smile yourself, sharing their happiness that I hope will follow through their lives. It's a tad difficult to smile and kiss at the same time, but it can be done; pick #1. The smirk Cassandra shares and Matthew gazing into Cassandra's eyes in #2 are people in love - with each other that is. Little Bella, in picture #3, is just wondering what the heck is going on, but she's happy to be with her mom and dad anyway, no matter where they were. In photograph #5 Cassandra looks as if she's wondering, what this man could be talking about, Matthew on the other hand seems to know exactly what he's talking about. The photograph taken on the back of the caboose, with the wonderfully brilliant orange, makes for a phenomenal contrast; Cassandra, your eyelashes look so beautifully long. LOLO

    I still call them kids. Soon they'll be going through another right of passage, so they are no longer. The kisses, the smiles, the gazing into each others eyes, and the little "I know something you don't know" looks, all add up to long years of love and friendship between two inherently beautiful people, soon to become one...well...then there's all the family that comes along too. LOLOL

    I love you Cassandra, Matthew and Bella-Boo, my grand-daughter.