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Friday, July 16, 2010

Double the Blessing ...Then and Now{Abbotsford Baby Photographer}

I love it when long time friends come to visit us for photos.  I met Mom, 9 years ago during her teaching practicum--I helped her design her wedding invitations, and  was a candid photographer at her wedding.  To make a long story short ...  these beautiful fraternal twin babies were born early because there was a slow leak in one of the sacs.  Mom had to be on strict bed rest, so we didn't get any pregnancy photos:(.  It was also hard to see her since she was at Women's Hospital and the twins were on a parent only- visitor restriction (the best care ever), so I helped Dad start a blog.  See more of their miracle story here.  Anyway, I went over to their house for a few shots at 3 months...I thought I would share these and a sneak peek of the new ones when they came to our studio just last week for 9 month shots. It was great to see all of you!  Don't be strangers!

That was then...

This is now...(We tried to get similar shots of the girls--wow does their personality show! Fun!  On another you know how hard it is to get two active little girls to look your way?  That's what active big boys are for.  Thank-you to my son for making funny faces, noises and jumping up and down to get their attention!)

(I told Mom as she put the girls into the box, that most likely it would end up in their mouth...need I say more!)

Let's visit again soon!


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