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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Precious Angel

This week old little girl came to visit us.  She was the perfect age for the shoot-- still cuddly, still scrunchy and still adorable when sleeping.   Congratulations G and P!  She is a precious angel!
(Hats, headbands and wraps from Little Chick Knits.)

I caught a little smile (my fav) when she was sleeping!  

This cute little case is my newest find--someone was giving it away for free!  She fit into it perfectly!

I love baby wrinkles!

I have beautiful daisies right now in my garden.  Big Sis was checking them out!


  1. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Beautifully done! Congratulations and have fun with your growing family!

    Annette and Sjoerd

  2. Anonymous7:49 AM


  3. Awesome photos! Congratulations guys!!