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Saturday, August 28, 2010

At a Loss For Words...

how honoured I feel!  We have been friends with this dad before he was even married and before he had these beautiful girls, so I felt honoured because I was able to capture this moment for them.  A year ago last August, their second daughter was born in Florida--this year her birth mom came for a visit.  I got back from Shuswap just in time to capture a few shots, before she left the next day.  What a wonderful time, what wonderful people...and what wonderful light.  (I just couldn't choose, so be prepared!)

Dad put in a new swing that she had fallen off of already, and she was a little skeptical at first!

from a matter of seconds...

I love it when girls spin!  Look how she is shutting her eyes so tight in the top photos!

Click here for the rest of the online gallery.  Password is their youngest daughter.

First Time's Always a Charm

These two came to our studio today--what naturals to photograph  (You would never know they hadn't had a professional photographer take their picture)!  Congrats!  Can't wait to meet your little bundle in September.  

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This cutie just turned two!  She is just learning how to talk:  anytime she sees you (even walking room to room) she will say, "Hi!" and she says, "Cheese!" when she sees a camera.  She also gives the best 'huggies'.   She is the daughter of great friends of ours.  (Don't you love it when a husband and wife have so much in common?  These friends are one of those couples. Thanks for the fun times at the lake, park, flying planes, scrapbooking and shooting the breeze!).  

She got tired and cuddly:

Then she got her second wind (with bribing) in the studio:

Click here for the online gallery link.  Password is this pretty girl's name.  

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Out of the Office

We are having a little family time up at Shuswap Lake from August 7 to 13th.  We will be answering all emails and calls when we return.  Have a good week!

It's all who you know {Abbotsford Fashion Photographer}

Every six months or so, Miss C and I go out for a photo shoot.  She is taking the Fashion Design program at UFV and she makes and designs her own clothes.  We decided to shoot in Matsqui Village as I wanted to scope out the location...thanks to Brian for the use of your house and vintage chair as well as the DuFrene's for being able to lean up against your car.  A special thanks to Miss C for her willingness to try anything and knowing how to pose!  Amazing!

(Yes this dress is made of a tarp!  So ingenious!)

200th Post and How fitting...

that it's my family!  My sister in law brought her children over for some pics as we have been so busy and haven't taken them for a few years!  Here's your sneak peek!  Happy Anniversary!