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Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Time's Always a Charm

These two came to our studio today--what naturals to photograph  (You would never know they hadn't had a professional photographer take their picture)!  Congrats!  Can't wait to meet your little bundle in September.  


  1. Kristin7:32 PM

    WOW!!!! I just want to thank you Jeannine and Clayton from Custom Concepts for taking such beautiful photo's. I love the sneak peek I cannot wait to see the rest. Thanks for making it so easy (and for getting Dan to really smile). You guys are fantastic at what you do!!!!!! Looking forward to you doing the newborn shots.

  2. Mark Fulton8:09 PM

    The pictures are amazing! Can't wait to meet the little guy.

    Love Mark

  3. Kristin & Dan

    The Photographer has done a beautiful job on your pictures. I can't wait to see the rest of the pics.

    Kristin, you look beautiful and Dan looks very handsome. Nice job!

    Love Mom xo

  4. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Very Cute you two!! So nice to see you both happy! Can't wait for him to come!

  5. Kristin they look amazing!! Pregnancy is really agreeing with you!! I love the pic with you in the blue and black top and the one with the little tiny Puma shoes! Awesome!! The photographer did a great job in capturing the joy in both you and Dan!!

  6. Brooke9:37 AM

    These pictures are fantastic! Kristin you look amazing, being a mommy looks good on you. Can't wait to meet the new arrival in Sept.

  7. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Kristin these are so beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest of them. You can really see the joy in your and dan's faces.



  8. These pictures are so beautiful. You and Dan Look so excited in the photos. I can't wait to meet baby soon.


  9. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Pics are beautiful cuz!

    Ang xoxo

  10. Anonymous6:44 AM

    You look wonderful Kristin! It looks like you had an amazing time doing the photo shoot! The pregnancy goes by so fast and it's so nice to capture the belly shots so you can remember them and share them with your son when he is older! You can tell you love your son so much already! Love you Kelly xxoo

  11. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Hi Kristin and Dan. Love your pictures. You look amazing Kristin and so happy. You can tell the liitle guy is so loved before he arrives. Love Ya!! Can't wait. Aunt Bernadette.

  12. Sandy Le Monnier6:27 PM

    Kristin you look very radiant!
    Daniel you look happy at this wondrous occasion!
    Very beautiful and creative photographs.
    Love, Mom

  13. Charles Sandor10:06 AM

    Hi Bud, those are some nice pictures. Are you going to be on a magazine cover ala Demi Moore? Ah, you look way better than she did!

    Are those Puma's little soccer boots? Gotta get the kid out there kicking a ball asap!

    Love Dad

  14. Anonymous4:41 PM

    OH MY!!!
    Absolutely beautiful pictures!!
    you are just glowing Kristin!!!
    I can hardly wait to hear the news and meet the little guy next summer!!
    again, such fantastic photos!!
    love ya,