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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mr. Serious and Converse Shoes {Abbotsford Family Photography}

I love seeing this family grow!  Not only are they related to my dear neighbour, but I go to graduate school with this amazing Mom!  Here is one of the few pics of Mr. Serious that we got a teensy smile! 

The family's choice in footware: 

One of the newest hats made by Little Chick Knits

To see this family's photo gallery click here.  Password is the acronym for the graduate program we are in.

Run for the Cure

This family won the silent auction certificate that we donated to Great West Fitness for Run For the Cure.  It turns out that these cute children came to our studio and neighbourhood on the right day for the  beautiful fall light.  It was fun going on an adventure walk and finding the tunnels with you P!

 (Three going on thirteen!)

These four photos were so cute to watch!  Mom and P went into the bush to look for snakes and he was protecting her from the lion!  

To see the full photo shoot gallery click here.  Password is the cute little girl's name.  

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"So you have a family photo shoot?" {Family Photography}

"Oh you're the photographer!"  This was the conversation I had with my cousin in his living room when I surprised him a few weekends ago for his birthday.  We decided to go to a beautiful place within the city beside the Mississippi River (Don't you like spelling this river!?).  Here are a few of my favorite shots of some of my most favorite people.  Enjoy!

Yes --digging!

Oh Canada!   

To see the gallery of this photo shoot click here.  Password is the state this lovely family lives in.
p.s. Surprise!