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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Run for the Cure

This family won the silent auction certificate that we donated to Great West Fitness for Run For the Cure.  It turns out that these cute children came to our studio and neighbourhood on the right day for the  beautiful fall light.  It was fun going on an adventure walk and finding the tunnels with you P!

 (Three going on thirteen!)

These four photos were so cute to watch!  Mom and P went into the bush to look for snakes and he was protecting her from the lion!  

To see the full photo shoot gallery click here.  Password is the cute little girl's name.  


  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    considering the attitude from P and the fussiness from C you got some great shots. Thank you so much for all the time you spent! I'll bring them back when C is a little older and P with less attitude...hopefully!

  2. Anonymous1:00 AM

    they look great!!! I love the tunnel shots!! Jody

  3. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Gorgeous pics of P, C, mama and grandma! Love them all especially the outdoor pics and pics with hats. Natural expressions, beautiful colours and backdrops. Brilliant! xo

  4. Anonymous7:56 PM


    The photos are beautiful... You did a most amazing job of capturing the afternoon! Thanks for your patience and professionalism.


  5. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Wow what wonderful shots in the studio and outdoors!love the brick wall and props that were used with Parker really brought out his little personality!so special to have this time in your life captured.Really wonderful photographer!Alicia

  6. Anonymous8:27 AM

    The pictuires are great, shows how much fun the kids can be! Love the close up of P looking into the camera, captures his curiousity!

  7. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Love the pics, P's attitude sure comes thru LOL Sandra

  8. Anonymous8:28 AM

    love them all!!!

  9. Anonymous12:42 PM

    oh my goodness, there are sooo many that I LOVE! I love PArker in the cement cylinder thingy and the one of him hugging you. The pics of Charlotte are just perfect. I love her pouty face in the last pic where you're holding her.