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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beautiful Mama Model {Abbotsford Pregnancy Photography}

This lovely little family came to the studio a few weeks ago.  I am so excited because they purchased the one year shoot so I get to see them every six months.  YAY!  I love how Mom brought fun, chunky jewelry and multiple changes of clothes so we could style the shoot together!  They also brought Dad's guitar which fit so nicely in the photos.  Enjoy!  Can't wait to meet your little bundle in a few short weeks.

I just couldn't resist this little Canucks fan!  Go Canucks!

To see more of this photo shoot, click on the gallery here.  Password is their last name.


  1. Thank you so much for these pictures... I looked at the entire gallery and there are so many I love love love. Can't wait to get my CD! So exciting. Beautiful and amazing lightening... great job girl! Fantastic.

  2. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Oh what a beautiful family, Mother, father and son!!! So many great photos I
    could not just pick a favorite.....cause they all are my faves!! Love

  3. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Amanda... those shots are beautiful! You are totally glowing! You have such a beautiful family!!!

  4. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Stunning pics Amanda! All 4 of you look amazing, cant wait to meet baby!

  5. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Those pics are great love gerans hockey pic that is awesome :) you look beautiful!!!!!!!!

  6. Debbie10:17 AM

    I absolutely love these photos, you are radiant and glowing with motherhood.It suits you!! I love they way that the whole family was involved. The shots of Geran in the hockey gear are adorable. I can't wait to see the "mystery package" now!!!

  7. These are amazing photos! I love the guitar addition... Get these up on your wall asap! Can't wait to see the next batch, what a great package deal! And very fabulous photography! Cheers.

  8. love those pictures, great job !
    monika $ sydney

  9. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Love them all! Geran makes a cute little hockey player. Virginia

  10. Jennifer7:14 PM

    Nice variety of photos. Geran is looking pretty cute in his Canucks jersey. Jim looks pretty handsome too. Happy family :)

  11. Anonymous8:01 PM

    love the shot of Geran listening to mommy's sweet.

  12. Anonymous8:51 PM

    These pictures are amazing! You are beautiful and I love that you have taken the time and energy to create such great memento's for your family.

  13. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Wow you guys. Great pic.'s. It's been so long since I've seen the three of you. Geran is getting so darned big, and you, Miss Amanda, even bigger. I think those pic's are showing what I'd call the perfect family. Your all so happy, and I'm happy for you.

    Miss you guys. Sally