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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little Tough Guy at 6 Months {Abbotsford Family Photography}

I am so happy to see newborns and how much they have changed at their 6 month shoot.  Why do I love to photograph 6 month babies?  Well, they are so smiley, they love to laugh, they sit up and don't crawl yet, they love to lie on their back and tickle their toes, they can look serious and still be super cute, they can also lie on their tummy and lift their head up.  They are so adorable!

This little man was no exception.  He brought his mom and dad and quite a few cute outfits.  I supplemented his style with hats from Little Chick Knits.

To see more from this shoot, click on the gallery link here.  Password is this little boys first name.

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