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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Precious Princess {Abbotsford Pregnancy Newborn Package}

I love it when families grow and come back to me to capture their milestones.  This family is one of those.  I was so excited to find out at their maternity session that they were having a girl.  Thank you for bringing your newest little princess for me to cuddle and dress up all girlie.  I need those days in my house full of boys!  She truly is precious.

I so love this series--he was so done...makes for perfect photos!

Welcome new sister!

Thanks Ellie Bean for the flower!

{A little behind the scenes shot...trying to get her to sleep in the hot sauna of a room with my trusty auditory sounds app, a soother and a warm blanket...almost there!}

To see more of this family, click here.  Gallery is the mom's last name.  

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